HTel Resort is also surrounded by many gigantic department stores such as Central BangnaBig C Bangna, Little Walk and Mega Bangna. Other large-scaled department stores include those on Srinakarin Road such as Seacon SquareParadise Park and Jas Urban. In the very future, Bangkok Mall Metropolis is expected be opened in 2020. This gigantic department store is believed to be one of the biggest Asia magnets as department stores. If you come to Thailand for shopping furniture, you can visit IKEAIndex Living MallSB Design Center and Chic Republic. If you are here in Thailand to eat, we would like to recommend you to Royal Dragon Restaurant. This is one of the biggest restaurants in Thailand for sure. There are more than thousand seats to serve you at an instant. The food is good and the price is very affordable and there is stunning show every day. If you want to try Somtum (Thai Spicy Salad), we would like to recommend you to local Thai restaurants such as Kaikraton and Baimai Rarueng, Rabiang Talay and Khao Suan Kwang. If you want to try Japanese food in Thailand, we would highly recommended Maguro Restaurant (located in Chic Republic)